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About ELFA

ELFA Chinese Preschool provides quality educational and child care services for children from the age of 18 months to six years old.
We place great emphasis on the acquisition of Chinese oral language and reading skills.
We nurture our children’s interest in Chinese to build a strong foundation in Mandarin.


ELFA Bilingual Story-Based Approach

Integrated thematic approach emphasises Chinese language acquisition, and is designed by a panel of advisors from China and Singapore, in line with guidelines provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Special component includes preparation for HSK-YCT paper as benchmark against readiness for P1 Chinese.

ELFA Higher-Order-Thinking Maths

Integrated learning approach using bilingual teaching format brings mathematical concepts to life for in-depth understanding and hones higher-order thinking skills

Chinese Speech & Drama

Enhance children’s communication skills and their ability to express themselves in Mandarin, while enabling them to develop self-confidence, a creative imagination, and practical interpersonal skills

Chinese-Inspired Art

The programme designed to build positive learning dispositions in children inculcates calm and composure, and helps sustain their liking and appreciation for art through eastern and western art teaching methods

In ELFA Chinese Preschool, we offer holistic child care and preschool services for pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten children aged between 18 months and 6 years.

What You Can Expect:

Allow your child to experience the benefits of ELFA’s Integrated Thematic Curriculum and cultivate a love for the Chinese language and the Chinese culture from young.

Each learning space in our centre is carefully planned by our curriculum team to optimise your child’s developmental growth and learnings.

Learn more about our learning spaces by registering for a virtual centre tour.

Creative Art Atelier

Nurture a creative mind in your child through different mediums of art materials provided to showcase their creativity and originality

Outdoor Playground

Private playground and playhouse facilitate hygienic play for gross motor skills, balancing and coordination as well as social skills development

Gardening Area

Spice garden lovingly and tenderly cared for by our children helps to develop a sense of responsibility in them as they learn to appreciate nature


We fell in love with ELFA from the first day we visited the preschool. I love the fact that children are exposed to the Chinese language and culture from a young age. I was very impressed that the children are confident with the Chinese language as they spoke with a lot of confidence during conversations. The Teachers are also dedicated in ensuring that no child is left behind w their learning. Thank you ELFA for you’re worth our trust.
Mrs Tim, proud parent of Ernest Tim, K1
I would like to thank Zhang Laoshi for caring for my son Sage. She is very patient and kind and encourages him to learn and grow, even more than the usual curriculum. Although he hardly speaks Chinese at home, he seems to speak it readily in school, and that can be attributed to his close bond with his Laoshi.
Stephanie Ow, proud parent of Sage Theodore Ow Zhe Kai, PN1

Would like to specially thank Zhang Lao Shi for her engaging lessons! Gwen really looks forward to her lessons every day. It’s definitely not easy to do these lessons but she has been doing so well and the children really look forward to her lessons.

Mdm Cheryl Ng, proud parent of Gwen En Sutanto, PN1


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    ELFA graduates are entitled to priority placements into The Grange Institution, an international primary school in Singapore that provides a multi-disciplinary approach that develops important personal attributes and international- mindedness through the Cambridge and International Primary Curriculum.

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