100% passes for ELFA Singapore’s 2019 K2 cohort

All smiles as our alumni receive their YCT exam certificate this year.

YCT Certificate

Many factors lead to a strong acquisition of Chinese language at ELFA Chinese Preschool. First, ELFA has a strong emphasis on bilingualism which allows our children to adapt well in school and life. Secondly, ELFA offers an enriching environment for language immersion in Mandarin for toddlers and kindergarteners. Lastly, Chinese serves as the language of course content delivery, including Mathematics.

Teachers plan interactive activities that allow children to learn language in a fun way. Through meaningful interactions, children can apply what they learn in real-life situations.

Using interactive activities to engage children while learning different concepts in Mandarin.

Through dramatisation and play, children enhance their use of Mandarin.

At the annual Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 2 conducted by HSK, our Kindergarten 2 children did exceptionally well with 100% passes. 4 out of 9 children scored full marks. An international standardised Chinese language test, YCT assesses the ability of non-native primary and secondary school students to apply Chinese language in their daily lives. In preparation for YCT, teachers dived extensively into the scope, allowing children to develop a strong foundation in the language.

A testimonial of ELFA’s efficacy is through the achievement of one of our Kindergarten 2 children. When L first started school with ELFA, her command of the Chinese language was not as strong as her peers’. Through constant exposure to the language and encouragement from her teachers, she experienced a breakthrough and passed her YCT Level 2 assessment. Knowing how far she had come gave her the confidence to achieve more.

Our dedicated team of educators will continue to strive for a better outcome for our children in their learning journey.