ELFA ECMP is designed for children aged 4-6 design group keyboard music course.
In group activities, young children enjoy the fun of musical activities through singing, rhythm and harmony, keyboard performance, musical notation and percussion performances. After carrying out systematic listening practice, the children can not only sing melodies and chords, but also play on the keyboard. Through two years of study, children can play and sing simple melodies while playing the melody by listening to the accompaniment. In the ECMP curriculum learning, not only improves the child’s music quality, but also to cultivate children’s sense of responsibility, team work spirit.

ELFA EPP is designed for children aged 3-6 design activities.
Children develop healthy exercise in a second language learning environment. The basic movements and motor skills development activities not only children, so that children can subtly use the second language a companion to body movement, spatial orientation, rules and other instructions, experience different fun in sports.

EMMP is designed for ELFA preschool children aged 2-6 designed music rhythm of activity
In the second language teaching environment, teachers led the children to participate in singing, percussion, situational movement creation and multi-ethnic international dance and other diversified musical activities experience, to guide children to learn to feel the beauty and create beauty, and love for children on different roles to performers, participants and viewers join the music activities to lay a good foundation.