School Safety and Fire Drills at ELFA Preschools throughout the Country

The safety and security of children and staffs in ELFA preschools is utmost importance to us. ELFA Management required every of its preschools to conduct school safety and fire drills at the beginning of the school term.

In March and April this year, ELFA Preschools throughout the country conducted its school safety and fire drills to increase the school community’s safety and fire awareness, promote calm, competent use of emergency response skills. This is to best minimize any possible threats in case of an emergency.

The staffs and students were taught the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with any emergency that might happen during school hours. These safety and fire drills enable them to take immediate and proper response during emergency situations. The school safety and fire drills exercises consisted of learning escape routes, self-protection techniques, safety and fire evacuation procedures.

“Fire Safety, Always in Mind”- ELFA Preschool Fire Safety Evacuation Practice

Teachers and children were practicing evacuating procedures at Dalian Software Park ELFA Preschool.

The healthcare doctor was examining if any child was injured at the assembly area. (Chengdu Kailibinjiang ELFA Preschool)

ELFA Parent-Child Fire Drill on “Safety We Hold, Together We Grow”

Parent representatives were invited to participate in the school fire drill. At Chengdu Egret Island ELFA Preschool, parent representatives and their children entered the inflatable fire education smoke house to experience a realistic fire escaping scenario. Inside the firehouse was pitch black, even with torch light it can only be navigated through groping in the dark. Faux Smoke was used, to give the parents and children a taste of what a real fire and smoke would look and feel. Although the smoke was neither toxic nor poisonous, its odour made some children felt uncomfortable. Despite that, with the parents’ guidance, the children were able to brave through the firehouse practice.

Image of an inflatable fire education smoke house at Chengdu Kailibinjiang ELFA Preschool

Parents and children entered the inflatable fire education smoke house to practice proper fire safety procedures at Chengdu Egret Island ELFA Preschool.

“Safeguard Our Children, Say No to Violence”

When the preschoolers were doing their physical exercises in the morning, a few “terrorists” suddenly appeared in the school. Under the teachers’ guidance, all children were safely evacuated from danger in an orderly manner within 30 seconds. At the same time, the preschool security guards arrested the “bad guys”.

After the incident, the teachers took the opportunity to teach children about safety procedures. The teachers then invited the “bad guys” who later revealed to the children that they were actually parent volunteers. The children then felt a sense of relief when they knew that the incident was just a ‘show’. At the end of the session, the children thanked the parents for volunteering and participating in safety drill to teach them a good lesson on safety.

School Safety Drill: Acting “bad guys” tried to break into the school grounds. Dalian Century City ELFA Preschool

School Safety Drill: The teachers guided and evacuated the children from danger in an orderly manner. (Dalian Century City ELFA Preschool)

School Safety Drill: Hooray! The security guards had arrested the “bad guys”! (Dalian Century City ELFA Preschool)