Making improvement on building design and learning environment

Zhuji ELFA Preschool is a child-friendly preschool which was designed by Singapore CPG Consulting Private Company Limited. The school has a large outdoor play and learning area, which is specifically designed to blend harmoniously with the natural environment. The school aims to provide Zhuji children a nature-inspired learning environment. The architecture design includes natural aesthetic features where the outdoor space is beautifully blended with the indoors, creating a calming connection between exterior and interior environment.

On 18th March, Chief Operating Officer of Singapore Crestar Education Group Robert Leong, CEO of ELFA (China) Management Simon Lam, together with the interior designer and outdoor play equipment designer visited Zhuji ELFA Preschool once again while it was still under construction.

ELFA Preschool has a good reputation for maintaining high quality educational services, facilities and learning environment, which is well recognized by parents and children.

Mr. Leong with the team were discussing and examining the details of every learning space for various functions and activities that best meet children’s needs and interests. The team was committed to create an aesthetically safe and conducive learning environment for the children. We believe that such collaborative efforts of the team will enable every ELFA child to receive high quality education and services.