‘We Think, We Care, We Give’ Charity Sale

On May 14, ELFA Preschool @ Foshan held the second ‘Little Entrepreneurs Training Camp’ – ‘We Think, We Care, We Give’ Charity Sale. Our preschool’s staff and parents were looking forward to helping the needy families and let the children actively partake in the spirit of giving. Beyond learning values, our children also got to experience what it is like running a “business”.

In preparation for the auction, parents and children sorted the collected toys, books and other items from the home to maximise the returns from the sales of these items. Parent volunteers and teachers carefully arranged the products for every class’s small booth to make the event attractive and lively. The booths displayed various beautiful items ranging from cute plush toys, fun superhero figurines, all kinds of picture books and storybooks, to fresh fruit tea and cakes made by parents.

Parents were sorting and preparing donated goods.

The hallway went abuzz with all stall owners, big and small, calling out for customer! Working hard to promote their auctions, the teachers and students smiled and greeted the “little guests” to visit the dazzling array of booths. Some stalls even tempted customers to stop by with snacks for a treat. While the children carefully selected their favourite items, the “grown-up guests” are inundated by all kinds of delicacies such as cold iced teas, fruit platters, Guiling jelly and Portuguese egg tarts. Among the stalls, Kindergarten 2 class’s “Little Princess Nail Salon” business was roaring with many delighted little customers. Nails were transformed into colourful mini art, all thanks to an extremely talented parent volunteer.

A student visited the nail salon to have her fingernails manicured.

Parents and students excited about choosing their favourite items.

In the event, children began to learn about cash, which in itself is a unique life experience for children growing up in the age of electronic payments. By learning to choose and spend reasonably, they obtained hands-on experience business rules, the value of money and the fun of fair trading. They also cultivated preliminary financial awareness and developed communication skills.

Parents and little entrepreneurs were happy with the charity turnover.

ELFA Preschool @ Foshan raised nearly RMB 9000 from the charity sale and donated the collection to the Baichuan Charity Fund’s “Watching Star Programme”, to help needy families. The ‘Little Entrepreneurs Camp’ build stronger bonds between teachers, children and parents through the act of kindness. By sharing kindness and planting seeds of goodness, we can work together towards a more caring society. Small acts of kindness lay the groundwork for a more virtuous generation. In this spirit, the ELFA group continually strives to give back to community.

ELFA teachers and parents presented the donations to Baichuan Charity Fund’s representative.