ELFA Preschool in China will open two new centres in Dalian in April 2017, bringing its total to nine in this seaport city of Liaoning Province, China. The new ELFA Dalian Qing Yun Linhai Preschool in Zhongshan District and the ELFA Dalian Lan Ting Shanshui Preschool in Dalian’s Peace Plaza Commercial District will each have a built-up area of about 2,000 sq metres.

The total student capacity of these two new preschools is about 500.

They have been specially designed with comfortable and enriching environments in modern architecture for the nurturing of children from toddlers to six-year-olds.

Each of them will have eight classrooms and a comprehensive array of high quality play areas and other enrichment learning facilities such as dance, art, music and LEGO constructive play rooms.

With the two new facilities in Dalian, the ELFA Preschool network in Liaoning Province, China will be expanded to twelve centres in the three cities of Shenyang, Dalian and Fushun.