The ELFA Graduation Concert on 8 December 2016 was more than just song and dance. It had Chinese poetry recital, speech and drama, story telling and cultural performances woven into the programme.

Some 200 parents and families attended the concert held at the Civil Service Club in Tessensohn Road. The concert was a celebration of what the children had learned and grown with during the year.

Graduates leap in joy after their graduation ceremony

Some 70 children from the cohort of toddler, pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten children put their best foot forward with a total of 12 performances. Ranging from the plenary presentation of “Journey through the enchanted forest”, the children were marvelous, with their confidence, mastery of their lines and impressive diction for such a young age.

Chinese drama skit performed by K1 children

Mrs Angeline Teo, Head of ELFA Preschool who was a guest among the audience said” “Our ELFA children’s oral Chinese & expression ability have improved tremendously. It is very rewarding to see our children, speaking Chinese so confidently with such fluency”.

Anyone who had seen the K2’s presentation of “Moving Three Evictions (孟母三迁)” would surely concur too. The children outstanding performance beat eight other schools in the preschool segment at the Chinese Bridge (华语桥) Chinese Talent Competition 2016 organised by Hanban in November 2016.

The award-winning “Moving Three Evictions” performance

The ELFA chlldren won the hearts of the judges with their engaging speech and drama performance about Meng Zi’s (孟子) mother, Meng Mu (孟母), who took the pain to relocate their home 3 times in hope to find a satisfactory environment let her son grow up in. There was poetry recital, song and dance, where in the latter the children performed Mask Changing (变脸), an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of Sichuan opera.

The children performed Mask Changing (变脸), a part of Sichuan opera

The children’s heart-warming Chinese cultural performances augurs well for all ELFA children as it is the preschool’s mission to help future generations build a strong foundation in bilingualism.

A round of applause to all ELFA Graduation Concert 2016 performers!