The sun gleamed over the colourful blooming flowers during this blissful Spring!
A season where everything blossoms into new life. A season of new growth for our children. In this month, ELFA teachers and children came together to organize fun and interesting activities to embrace this beautiful season. Let us embark on their wonderful adventure with Chengdu and Foshan!

8 March Women’s Day: Parent-Child Yoga- ‘Love and Care’

Parent-Child Yoga – ‘Love and Care’

We gleefully came together in this lovely season to celebrate Women’s Day. Chengdu ELFA Preschool invited two yoga instructors, Ms. Song and Ms. Zhou to conduct Parent-Child Yoga – ‘Love and Care’, which allowed our children to spend a meaningful fun-filled day with their mothers.

Children’s physical and mental development is most crucial in their early years. The yoga session helped our children’s exercised their muscles and bones, increased their flexibility, and also improved their postures. It also helped to keep our young minds activate which enhances their brain development. Through this joyful yet relaxing session, our mothers got to refresh themselves and also developed special bond with their children while creating lifetime-precious memories.

12 March Arbour Day Celebration

Children watering plants at Chengdu Kailibinjiang ELFA Preschool

Spring burst through the melting snow and softly waken earth with its breeze, spreading the sun’s warmth to our children at Chengdu Kailibinjiang ELFA Preschool. On 12th March, our children celebrated Arbour Day by cultivating kindness for nature, learning how to “communicate” with their surroundings and to enjoy working together as a group.

By observing how tiny seeds blossom into big plants, children learn the amazing power of mother earth. They valued and appreciated nature better as they participated in these planting activities.

Children recording the lifecycle of a plant

Basking in the lovely sunshine, children over at Foshan ELFA Preschool experienced series of valuable lessons to show our love for mother earth. They too learned to observe and record the lifecycle of a plant starting from a seed, watered the young plants, decorated them and even drew “portraits” of trees. Our children, parents, and teachers have brought much liveliness to the day!

Through our Arbour Day activities, our children learn to love and respect every little life in the arms of mother earth more and to appreciate the beauty of nature.