China is one of the world’s oldest civilization with a heritage culture so full of legendary history that continues to flourish generations after generations. Our culturally-enriched ELFA children knows exactly how Chinese culture and traditions are celebrated. Let’s journey with them as they welcome this beautiful Spring with a-day of fun and exciting activities!

Our children in traditional Chinese Costume

Changzhou Zhijingyuan ELFA Preschool 

‘Who Am I? What’s in My Name?’ 

Spring is a season that traditionally signifies renewal and rebirth – where every new life breaths new hope. Changzhou Zhijingyuan ELFA Preschool held its 2019 School Opening Ceremony in Spring to welcome students to a promising and exciting new school term.

Despite coming from various walks of life, children at ELFA Preschool bonds like a big family. They individually carry a surname inherited from their ancestors, that keeps their genealogy alive. By understanding the origins of their surname together with the meaning of their given name, every child’s name has a unique story to tell. By reconnecting with their own identity, our children appreciates their parents’ love and blessings and are proud of who they are.

Our child sharing the story behind his name

Deriving at our surname

All about “Yuan”, All about “Xiao 

“Yuan Xiao Jie” (元宵节) also known as Lantern Festival, falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month, is one of the most significantly celebrated festival in China. Throughout Chinese history, it is celebrated in the spirit of welcoming the season of Spring. Changzhou Zhijingyuan ELFA Preschool held a series of Lantern Festival theme-based activities, called “All about ‘Yuan’, All about ‘Xiao’ ” to welcome Spring.

“Yuan” is the bond and unity of a family as we come together to welcome the new year.

“Xiao” is to honour and respect our elders with a fresh reminder to stay cheerful in anticipation of the new year ahead.

“Yuan”, the bond.

“Heart-Shape” symbolising “Yuan”

Hugs are by default the most heart-warming gesture in the world that spread love and harmony. Through the activity ‘Sharing of Friendly Hugs’, our Nursery children expressed their appreciation to their friends and teachers while creating a lasting memory of a lovely childhood.

Our proud children displaying their work of art

Lanterns are traditionally being carried on the streets to celebrate Yuan Xiao Jie, hence the name Lantern Festival. In modern times, the streets of China are nevertheless lighted with various creatively designed colourful lanterns during Lantern Festival. It is even more meaningful that our Kindergarten 2 children had a chance at creating their own lanterns, while improving on their motor skills.