Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring the boundless love, sacrifices, and unwavering commitment of mothers. This year’s celebration at ELFA Preschool held an extra layer of joy, as we were finally able to resume our physical commemorations after a gap of three years. With a variety of activities across ELFA preschools, we were excited to turn our appreciation for the mothers of our students into unforgettable memories.

At ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley, children expressed their love through song, art, and heartfelt messages. They sang to their mothers, drew portraits, and shared personalised messages – all gestures of deep affection. The celebrations concluded with children presenting flowers to their mothers, a simple yet profound token of love.

Children from ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley creating craftworks as gifts to their mothers

Meanwhile, ELFA Preschool @ Hougang kicked off their celebration with a wholesome tea break, where mothers and children savoured a variety of bread, biscuits, and jams. Following the tea break, the school presented a video presentation of children singing Mother’s Day song. The day concluded with a lively dance session, where mothers and their children danced together, wrapping up the celebration on a joyful note.

Mothers and children enjoying quality bonding time together

The activities across ELFA preschools not only celebrated mothers but also strengthened the bonds between them and their children, making Mother’s Day truly special. We extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all mothers for their immeasurable love and support. We hope that every day feels as special as Mother’s Day to you, as no words or actions can truly encapsulate the appreciation we hold for you. Happy Mother’s Day!