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老师们辛苦了!Many thanks to all teachers and staff for keeping the school running so smoothly during such unprecedented times.

Wong Dan Chi, Proud parent of Liam Chan, N1

Dear Teachers,

We would like to express our greatest gratitude for caring for our children. Under your angel wings, they have matured from tyrant toddlers into sensible preschoolers. We have also witnessed how you have transformed their love for the Chinese language when they initiate using the language in their daily activities. Your positive impact on our children will stay with them beyond preschool years, and we are grateful they are receiving the proper guidance under your care. Their smiles are a testament to your hard work.

We sincerely wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Tim Yewei, Proud parent of Ernest & Emily, K2 & N

Dear Teachers at Elfa Preschool @ Hougang

Teachers played such a big part in both Adrinna and Alissa life to mold their character as both girls spent more than 10 hours in school every day.

Through Adrinna’s years in Elfa Preschool, we saw her grew from a young infant who did not know how to eat and bathe herself, to a fine young lady who knew how to read, write, take care of younger ones and show kindness towards others.

In a few months time, Adrinna is going to graduate from Elfa to primary school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all her teachers who taught her throughout the years – Teacher Janice, Teacher Zoe, Teacher Celine, Teacher Pat, Teacher Lynn, Li Laoshi, Wang Laoshi, Dai Laoshi, Cai Laoshi, Wang Laoshi and Huang Laoshi and those who helped her along the way.

While Alissa only joined Elfa Preschool for about 10 months, we could definitely see her growth through her better eating habits, recognizing objects and good habits. We would also like to send our sincere thanks to her past and present teachers – Teacher Dolly, Teacher Kris, Teacher Thresha, Li Laoshi and Wang Laoshi.

“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.”

Happy Teacher’s to all in Elfa @ Hougang for your unwavering sacrifice of time and effort to teach. Please continue to make positive impact to the students in the future.

Bryant, proud parent of Adrinna and Alissa, K2 and Toddler

感谢黄老师您对君达的帮助与关怀, 祝您教师节快乐!

chen xuan, proud parent of chen junda, pre-nursery

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Huang 老师, our son’s Mandarin teacher, for her dedication in caring for him. He often tells us about how much he likes her and it is evidence of her love and concern for the little ones. Our boy loves going to school, and we know Huang老师 is one of the reasons why he looks forward to school. She makes an effort to update us on his well being, and also goes the extra mile to make the kids feel special and valued.

黄老师, 谢谢您对小朋友们的关心和爱心!

Adrian Goh, proud parent of Randall Goh, PN

We would like to first and foremost express our heartfelt thanks to Tristan’s Principal, Ms Lee Ching for her high level of professionalism in always attending to parents’ needs promptly. She is easily reachable and knows all the students well. Secondly, Tristan’s English teacher Ms Rosie and Chinese teacher Zhu laoshi have also done a great job in their teaching as I can tell that my son has learnt a lot in school when I go through his work at home with him. This really helped prepare my son well and geared up for his P1. We truly appreciate the dedication the teachers and school have for the students as they have indeed made a great impact on their lives 👍

Cindy Ang, proud parent of Tristan Lim, K2

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Joan Chua, proud parent of Beth Tan, K1

To Ayden’s Teachers (Shi Jie Lao Shi & Teacher Stella),

Thank you for all the kind effort you all have done to teach my son, Ayden within the last few months. I see a lot of improvements in him which is really encouraging. He really enjoys school and really likes the teachers too.

Kudos to all the teachers at ELFA! 👍

Janice Goh Winter, proud parent of Ayden Winter, Nursery