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I would like to thank Zhang Laoshi for caring for my son Sage. She is very patient and kind and encourages him to learn and grow, even more than the usual curriculum. Although he hardly speaks Chinese at home, he seems to speak it readily in school, and that can be attributed to his close bond with his Laoshi.

Stephanie Ow, proud parent of Sage Theodore Ow Zhe Kai, PN1

Would like to specially thank Zhang Lao Shi for her engaging lessons! Gwen really looks forward to her lessons every day. It’s definitely not easy to do these lessons but she has been doing so well and the children really look forward to her lessons.
(Translation: Thanks to Zhang Laoshi for the lessons. Gwen eagerly looks forward to the lesson every day. During this period of time, mommy has to teach so sometimes I cannot accompany Gwen for the lessons. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I can spend more time to attend the lessons with her. Thanks to Zhang laoshi for the hard work! You have prepared so well. We are very appreciative of it!)

Mdm Cheryl Ng, Proud parent of Gwen En Sutanto, PN1

We fell in love with ELFA from the first day we visited the preschool. I love the fact that children are exposed to the Chinese language and culture from a young age. I was very impressed that the children are confident with the Chinese language as they spoke with a lot of confidence during conversations. The Teachers are also dedicated in ensuring that no child is left behind their learning. Thank you ELFA for you’re worth our trust.

Mrs Tim, Proud parent of Ernest Tim, K1

Thank you for the hard work from the teachers at ELFA! We are happy to see Conrad progressing well with his speech and also self-help skills since he started school. Conrad is happy to be in school always and has become very vocal now.

Doreen Lim, proud parent of Conrad Ong, Toddlers

We would like to say a big thank you to Principal Pat and all the Teachers in ELFA Serangoon for giving Joshua a safe and loving environment to learn and grow in. Joshua enjoys going to school and he loves his Teachers (Teacher Lyn and Wang Laoshi). When he comes home from school, he is always eager to share what he has learned that day. With the new normal due to Covid 19, his Teachers have worked very hard to make learning engaging for Joshua during the Circuit Breaker and also helped to ensure that he adjusted back to school seamlessly. We want to say a BIG thank you to all the teachers for their love and care, and for making Joshua’s time in ELFA so enjoyable. Good job Teachers!

Stella Ng, proud parent of Joshua Ng, K1

They have been doing a great job, making a positive, friendly and caring environment for all the children. During this pandemic, ELFA Teachers have been working endlessly to keep the learning going and creating fun activities and at the same time raising awareness about Covid-19 to all the children.

I also would like to make a special thank you to Li Laoshi for her loving and caring towards my daughter, Clovey. Thank you, Li Laoshi! Her beautiful smile is the best welcome for Clovey every morning. Clovey has been improving on her Chinese and Li Laoshi has been making effort to inform parents on what the children have learnt in class. Li Laoshi, you’re a wonderful teacher!

Caryn Cheong, proud parent of Clovey Chong Kai Qi, Nursery