ELFA offers preschool and kindergarten programme for children aged 18 months to 6+ years old.

Apart from a well-rounded and comprehensive preschool curriculum, children also benefit from quality care from our dedicated teachers who help them develop confidence and independence gradually.

Our in-house nutritionist further ensures that meals served to the children are well balanced, providing the essential nourishment that is critical for healthy growth.

The classroom environment at ELFA features inviting learning areas that expand the learning horizon for your active preschoolers:

Mastering English & Chinese Language Skills
Language accelerates every area of a child’s development. Understanding new concepts, roles and tasks requires fundamental language skills.

With the abundance of theme-based children’s literature, ELFA provides expansive language development opportunities. Stimulating activities and teaching materials are designed to advance children’s literacy in both the English and Chinese Language.

In our Chinese-rich learning environment, children’s acquisition of Chinese aural and oral competency as well as reading skills is accelerated. Younger children in Nursery classes are also exposed to higher contact hours in Chinese as compared to the Kindergartens, supporting ELFA’s Chinese-focused bilingual curriculum.

Reinforcing Positive Values
Engaging your children with Chinese folklore and stories, as well as weekly discussions on moral values, help them to gain heightened awareness of right and wrong behaviours, which contribute to their positive character-building.

Developing Logical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills
Avenues for hands-on experience with natural materials are created to encourage investigation and experimentation, presenting opportunities for development of logical thinking skills such as cause and effects, sequencing, classification and problem-solving skills.

Nurturing A Creative Mind
Different mediums of art material are provided for your children to showcase their creativity and originality. Rhythmic percussion instruments are also available for them to explore sounds, rhythm patterns and even make music of their own.

Reinforcing Self-Help Skills & Self-Esteem
Theme-based dramatic play is designed to develop self-esteem and self-help skills. As your children role-play, they learn to cooperate with others and this enhances their pro-social skills.

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