Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese Culture Festival that fall on the 15th of the eight month of Lunar Calendar. It represents the reunion just like the full moon; as the idea of home, miss loved ones, look forward to harvest and happiness. It has become a rich and precious cultural heritage and ELFA has weaved this into the curriculum so that children would have the vital experience of traditional Chinese festivals.

Children celebrate and learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival

Every year, the children at ELFA Serangoon have the opportunity to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the second most important holiday in China after the Lunar New Year, and learn about the significance of the legend of Chang Er in Chinese culture. On 15th of the eight month of lunar calendar, children arrived in school dressed in traditional Chinese costumes accompanied by their parents to mark the occasion, which featured a host of interesting activities for them.

Here comes the making of mooncakes!
Let’s make the special and yummy mooncake with mummy and daddy

They watched a video on the legend of Zhang Er and learned about the values on love and the family. They performed songs and dances related to the Festival, made and ate moon cakes, and carried lanterns which they had made for themselves.

Riddle Me This

An important part of the moon cake festival is solving riddles that are traditionally written on paper lantern. The children had fun, guessing and using their imagination to solve various riddles, with help from their parents and teachers.

Carrying our lanterns around the centre

More importantly, it was a special occasion for the children to bond with their parents and guardians over a meaningful cultural activity. The children went home happy and more aware of another important aspect of Chinese culture.