ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon has relocated to Hougang on 1 February 2021 after 15 years of operation at Serangoon. Previously located at Thomson Plaza, ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon first started its operations at Serangoon in June 2005. Together with their teachers, most of our children will be moving to the new ELFA Preschool @ Hougang.

In preparation for the move, the children helped their teachers pack some of the items they will be bringing over to the new preschool. To commemorate this day, the centre prepared a small farewell party for the children, teachers and staff at ELFA Preschool. They shared a cake and said their goodbyes to the preschool at Serangoon. It was a heavy day for our children and the parents. Despite being sad about having to part with their second home, our children were excited to move to the new premises at Blk 202 Hougang St 21.

Our little helpers chipping in with the move.

The new ELFA Preschool @ Hougang has five spacious rooms and a unique ELFA Creative Art Atelier. With a strong emphasis on Chinese, ELFA’s bilingual curriculum allows our children to learn through various Chinese cultural activities such as calligraphy, Chinese opera mask painting, traditional paper cutting craft, tea appreciation and exploring Chinese moral folktales. These activities build their love for the Chinese language and help them sharpen their motor skills, strengthen their attention span, and enhance their sense of aesthetics.

ELFA’s unique Creative Art Atelier

Cluster Head, Ms Angeline Teo, who oversaw the transition, said the whole process was smooth, and there was no disruption to the children’s academics. With the help of our families, our children are coping well in the new environment. The team of teachers and staff at ELFA Preschool @ Hougang will ensure that every child will blend into the new environment with ease.

Our ELFA children settling in well in their new school.

In the meantime, the old site on which ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon resides on will be transformed into the new polyclinic at Serangoon. It will be Singapore’s largest polyclinic by the year 2025. We are glad that the polyclinic will be able to serve the residents in the community!