During the recent March school holidays, ELFA Preschool embarked on a journey with our students, immersing them in the diversed cultures of Singapore. This programme reflects ELFA Preschool’s commitment to fostering a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of our nation’s diverse cultures. With a diverse range of meticulously planned activities, our students had the opportunity to engage deeply with the vibrant cultures that define Singapore.

Exploring Chinese Culture

Through captivating stories and hands-on activities, our students delved into significant Chinese festivals such as the Lunar New Year and the Moon Cake Festival. They participated in traditional Chinese performing arts, including the intricate dragon dance and the elegant art of Chinese opera. The day culminated with a guided tour of the Singapo 人(ren) exhibition at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. The fun, learning journey offered valuable insights into the cultural traditions of Singapore’s Chinese community.

Children of ELFA Preschool @ Pandan Valley (left) try their hand at the traditional Chinese dragon dance, while those at ELFA Preschool @ Hougang (right) delve into Chinese cultural traditions at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

Exploring Malay Culture

Our students embraced the richness of Malay culture through engaging activities focused on traditional art, cuisine, and sports. From crafting Wayang Kulit performances to weaving ketupats, they learnt more about various Malay traditions. They also gained insights into Hari Raya celebrations, including the delights of kuih raya and bandung, and the tradition of giving duit raya. Under the expert guidance of a professional coach, they were introduced to Sepak Takraw, having a ball of a time trying out this unique sport.

Children of ELFA Preschool @ Pandan Valley (left) trying out Sepak Takraw, while children of ELFA Preschool @ Hougang weave ketupats with their friends

Exploring Indian Culture

Venturing into Indian culture, our students visited the People’s Association at Toa Payoh, where they were introduced to the vibrant festival of Holi. Immersed in the festive spirit, they learned about the tradition of sprinkling powder and water as symbols of love and blessings. Continuing their cultural exploration, they embraced the art of traditional Indian dance, guided by a skilled instructor. Together with their friends, they crafted oil lamps, gaining understanding of their significance in illuminating homes during Deepavali. The day concluded with a sampling of murukkus, a cherished festive snack in Indian culture.

Children of ELFA Preschool @ Pandan Valley (left) learning about traditional Indian dance and children of ELFA Preschool @ Hougang (right) trying out the practices of the Indian festival, Holi

Through these meticulously planned activities, our students developed a profound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Singapore’s cultural landscape. Stay tuned for more enriching programmes in our upcoming school holidays!