On 10th May 2019, about 70 mummies came to ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon to celebrate Mother’s Day with their children. The celebration started with a brief introduction on how Mother’s Day came about. Mummies clapped their hands as they children performed different songs, dances and poetry for their mummies.

Children sing a song for the mummies in the room.

As a special part of the event, children with their mummies were tasked to design their own tote bag using a marker. After designing, the duo would add colour to their tote bags by using the technique of tie-dye.

Mummy and child decorating the tote bag together.

Dipping the tote bag in different colour to create a tie-dye effect.

After the activities, children gave their Mother’s day artwork for their mummies. It was truly a memorable and exciting day for everyone.

Mummies from our Infant class were also part of the festivities.