Coding was incorporated into ELFA core curriculum in 2019 to benefit our students. Coding equips children with the 21st century foundational skills and coding awareness to thrive in the digital age.

We believe that early exposure to coding helps students of nursery to kindergarten levels develop computational thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for a technology-reliant future.

Children learn to read and input instructions for the robot through a programming app. The children then need to display sound understanding of the instruction and put it into practice by programming the robot’s movement.

Coding activities help the children to develop critical thinking, patterning ability, creativity, effective communication skills to manipulate basic tech gadgets. In addition, we hope they will further nurture our children’s interest in innovation and awareness of the benefits of I.T.

Using age-appropriate introductory programmable gadgets and applications, the children learn how to manoeuvre and navigate the gadgets. Through these fun and engaging methods, children also gain confidence as they achieve expected outcomes for their assigned challenges.

Computational thinking helps children identify problems and seek solutions (programmes) that computers can execute.

Children’s competencies in gadget awareness, programming, coding play behaviours, and the use of appropriate coding vocabulary are evaluated every semester. Children are also given the room for innovation to help them develop their creativity and potential.