ELFA children over the moon in Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

The children at ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon were especially excited on 13 September when they arrived at the centre. Their parents had accompanied them to school for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration organised by the teachers. Many of them were dressed in the colourful traditional Chinese costumes and were full of anticipation.

Teachers performing a skit on the legend of Chang’E for the children and parents.

After they were gathered together, the teachers began the programme by performing a skit to tell the story on the legend of Change’E flying to the moon, followed by the children presenting songs and dances related to the festival.

To give the children an opportunity to “make” their own lanterns, the teachers brought out plain lanterns for them to  come up with their own “design” using calligraphy brushes and black ink. It was a superb bonding moment as parents huddled together with their loved ones to discuss the decide on what to paint on their lanterns. Those with creatively-designed lanterns were very delighted to win prizes for their efforts.

The finale of the celebration was, of course, the yummies – moon cakes, Pomeloes and other tasty treats, which the children enjoyed tremendously as they chatted and conned with their parents.

The little ones painting their lanterns as their mummies look on.

Bonding over mooncakes and pomeloes.