Children of ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon turned up at the centre on 18 July 2019 dressed to the nines in costumes of various colours and hues to mark Racial Harmony Day. Their teachers too came dressed in the unique and colourful traditional costumes.

They began the morning hearing from the teachers stories about various different races and the importance of Racial Harmony in our country. They learned how after the racial riots of 1964 Singaporeans were determined to never allow that to happen again. It led to greater appreciation of the need for various races to live together co-operatively and peacefully to help build a strong, secure and prosperous nation.

Various activities were prepared for the children to enjoy, including a fashion show to flaunt their costumes, traditional games, art appreciation and traditional food for them to try. It was a day of “One for All’ when children learn more about each other’s culture to appreciate the diversity and recognise the importance of living together harmoniously.

Teachers sharing stories on the importance of racial harmony in Singapore.

Trying their hands at paper origami.

Modelling their traditional costumes in front of everyone.