No effort is too small! ELFA students, Emily and Ernest Tim, and their family made news with a self-initiated community effort. They set up a small snack corner for delivery workers or anyone who needs a quick snack during the Covid-19 Phase 2: Heightened Alert (P2HA).

Educators at the ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley also reinforced by being kind, no matter how small the effort. They cited examples like giving up seats to those in need and not running around in the bus.

This little snack corner was set up not long after Singapore entered into (P2HA) between 16 May – 13 June. The family of five saw that were making their rounds tirelessly without much time nor a convenient space to rest and eat. The snack corner gives these delivery workers something to enjoy on the go.

ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley’s students with their makeshift snacks corner filled with love.

According to their mother, Mrs Tim, the children were very motivated and enthusiastic about the little family project. They can envision how their actions will benefit the community. She credits the school for advocating the importance of empathy and graciousness which builds the children’s characters for life. Mrs Tim also noted that since the children joined ELFA, Ernest started caring a lot more for his younger sister through simple everyday tasks. Till date, the children regularly check on the snacks corner to refill the items when stocks are low.

Such virtuous initiatives from our students testifies ELFA’s continued success in instilling positive valuesThrough constant exposure to positive moral values via Chinese folklores, stories and moral education, students apply what they have learnt to practice in real-life situations.

We are encouraged by this story to press on with our mission to become a paradise where children enjoy their holistic and harmonious development.

Source: 《联合早报》 , 28 Jun 2021