Father’s Day at ELFA Preschools is not simply an annual event; it is a testament to the loving bonds and precious memories that are shared between fathers and their children. This year was no different, with an outpouring of love and laughter across our schools during the heart-warming Father’s Day celebrations.

At ELFA Preschool @ Hougang, the day was marked by a series of activities, each thoughtfully designed to foster the father-child bond. The celebration kicked off with a heart-warming song performed by the children for their fathers, followed by a paper dance. The main highlight of the day was the joint activity of making a yogurt parfait, an experience that allowed the fathers and children to collaborate, filling the room with shared laughter and radiant smiles.

Fathers and children from ELFA Preschool @ Hougang bonding through a game of footwork

Creating sweet memories with making of yoghurt parfait

Meanwhile, at ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley, the children began the day by serving meals to their fathers. The day continued with a treasure hunt game, the ‘treasure’ being heartfelt photos prepared by the children themselves. A key highlight of the day was a bonding session through dramatic play. During this activity, children found various ways to express their love and appreciation for their parents. This immersive activity not only allowed children to express their love and appreciation for their parents in various ways but also enhanced their communication skills and emphasised the importance of showing respect for others.

Refreshments served by our children to their fathers at ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley

Children experience the joy of giving and learn the importance of appreciation by serving “food” to their families through during dramatic play session

Reflecting on the Father’s Day celebrations at both schools, it was a day overflowing with joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections. It is a significant opportunity to recognise the importance of having fathers involved in their children’s growing years. To all our dedicated and loving fathers — your unwavering love and support form the foundation of our ELFA family. Today, we celebrate you and the integral role you play in your child’s lives. Happy Father’s Day!