Children at ELFA preschools in Hougang and Pandan Valley had their most memorable Lunar New Year celebration ever on 20th January. They put up a Lion Dance procession and practised calligraphy to write auspicious couplets to usher in the Year of the Rabbit.

Learning the brush strokes for a “healthy growth” wish

For the Lion dance, some of the children played the role of the Lions while others accompanied them with drums and gongs. Children at ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley even did a Dragon Dance.

Dragon dance procession at ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley

More importantly, the children learnt about the origin and significance of the Lunar New Year through stories from the teachers. Donning traditional clothing, they greeted each other and exchanged Mandarin oranges.

The calligraphy session further helped children to understand the meaning and spirit of the occasion through the writing of new year wishes. They also played games and had an art session to craft festive-related items, including 3D make-believe fire crackers.

Yeah! Here goes the bang!

To mark an auspicious and healthy year for everyone, children at Pandan Valley made Jiao Zi (meat dumplings). Those in Hougang tossed and savoured Yu Sheng (raw fish salad).

Huat ah! Digging into the Yusheng the children prepared for themselves

Teachers at ELFA @ Hougang made a photo booth festooned with new year phrases for children and parents to take photographs.

A happy school family photo for the new Rabbit year.

What a fun and memorable time for all!