This Earth Day, ELFA Preschool organised a series of engaging activities for the children that focused on the importance of recycling. Through the practical use of recyclable materials, children were encouraged to be creative and innovative while also learning about the significance of reusing items.

One of the highlights of the event was the Earth-themed hat-making competition at ELFA Preschool @ Hougang, where children and parents worked together to create eco-friendly hats using recycled materials. This activity fostered creativity and bonding while promoting the importance of repurposing and reusing items.

Excited children arriving with their Earth-themed hats on the event day

The winners of the creative hat competition!

In addition to that, the children participated in a school clean-up activity to learn proper waste disposal methods and the importance of recycling. They also had the opportunity to create musical instruments, such as drums, shakers, and tambourines, from recycled materials. The children planted new greenery in recycled plastic bottles, repurposing them as plant pots. They were guided on the process of planting and shown how to care for the plants as they grow, allowing them to connect with nature and learn about the importance of protecting the environment. The day concluded with the children singing Earth Day songs and listening to stories about environmental conservation.

Little gardeners in action: Children pouring fertilizers into their plant

Meanwhile, children from ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley expressed their commitment to environment preservation by creating a vibrant representation of Earth using paint. They  added their handprints to symbolise their dedication to protecting the planet. Through this activity, they reflected on the beauty of our planet and the importance of taking personal responsibility for its preservation.

Children had their palms painted and added their handprints to their art piece

Under the guidance of teachers, children learned how to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable items and the correct usage of bins. This teaching instilled a deep sense of responsibility in children, highlighting the importance of daily actions in promoting environmental sustainability.

Children learning to sort materials for recycling or disposal

Though Earth Day is celebrated annually, the essence of environmental stewardship must be woven into our daily lives throughout the year. By exemplifying eco-conscious habits such as conserving energy, recycling, and supporting community initiatives, we can inspire our children to take ownership of our planet’s well-being and become fervent ambassadors for a sustainable future.