Children from ELFA preschools had the opportunity again to join in the fun and excitement of the annual Sports Fiesta held at Singapore Institute Management on 7 October 2023. They engaged in sports activities like ‘crawl-pass-roll’ and ‘crawl-pass-hop’. Enthusiastically, they also cheered on their parents and teachers during various parent-staff events.

ELFA Preschool children participating in ‘Crawl-Pass-Hop’

It was an honour to have Mr. Simon Lim, Group Director and Outreach from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) among our esteemed guests. Dr. Carol Loy, our Director of Curriculum, during her address, encapsulated the essence of the day. She stated, “Today’s festivities are not just about who wins first place. Indeed, our Sports Day is an important moment to foster values such as perseverance – never giving up in the face of adversity, dedication and teamwork.”

Mr Simon Lim, Group Director and Outreach from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB), blew the whistle to mark the opening of the Sports Fiesta

The day was not just about sports and competition. Emphasising the importance of family bonding, the activities mirrored the MOVE IT Active Family Programme from Singapore’s HPB. Parents eagerly anticipated the parent-child games and dance, cherishing those moments of joy with their little ones.

Our children and their parents dancing to the Korean song, “Permission to Dance”

One segment that stood out was the gymnastic formations. Guided by our JACPA instructors, Ms. Motoyama Misuzu and Mr. Sakurai Shun, the children showcased varied formations such as airplanes, sushi, and rockets. JACPA is Japan’s largest physical education provider for preschoolers.

Our children demonstrating gymnastic formations

In activities like the ‘three-legged race’ and ‘loggers’, parents and staff came together, reinforcing our belief in the importance of the parent-staff-child bond. This tripartite relationship is fundamental to ensuring a rich and rewarding learning journey at ELFA Preschool.

Our ELFA children happily posing with their medals!