On 3 April 2020, Singapore announced the implementation of Circuit Breaker (CB) measures to break the trend of increasing local COVID-19 transmission. The measures, in place from 7 April to 4 May, was subsequently extended to 1 June 2020. For ELFA, this meant a shift from classroom learning to Home-Based Learning (HBL) – a new learning approach for our children, their parents and our teachers. Despite the short runway, the immediate objective for ELFA was to ensure that quality teaching and learning can still take place.

ELFA conducts HBL for our children during the Circuit Breaker period

ELFA’s principals and teachers got together to put materials together for our children. They put in extra hours and have been hard at work in the implementation and the conducting of home-based learning via the live e-Classroom. Our teachers have indeed turned what was seemingly a gloomy situation into a bright and cheery one for our children even when miles apart. Hear from our ELFA parent on her thoughts of the overall experience.

At ELFA, we believe that every child deserves quality education that must not be disrupted. This is only possible with the backing of a strong, cohesive and experienced team, who always have our children’s interest at heart. We thank and appreciate all our parents and teachers for their support as well as their “heart” work!

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