All smiles as the K2 children pass their YCT exam last year.

Many factors led to the excellent acquisition of the Chinese language for our little ones at ELFA Chinese Preschool. Firstly, ELFA has a strong emphasis on bilingualism, allowing our children to adapt well in primary school and life. Secondly, ELFA children are exposed to an enriching environment that emphasises on strong immersion in Mandarin from as young as toddlers to kindergartens. Lastly, Chinese serves as a language of the course content, including mathematics.

Teachers in ELFA uses a story-based approach that allows children to appreciate and learn the language in a fun way. Activities planned are interactive, and children are engaged as they discover new words or Chinese characters. Through meaningful conversations and interactions, children can use what they have learned in real situations.

Children learning the Chinese language through a fun and meaningful way.

Using interactive activities to engage children while learning different concepts in Chinese.

Through dramatization and play, children enhance their use of Mandarin.

Children through a friendly game, observed which paper plane can fly the furthest.

Asserting the capabilities of our young Chinese language conquerors, our ELFA Kindergarten 2 children did exceptionally well at the annual Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 2. YCT is an international standardised Chinese language test that examines non-native primary and secondary school students’ ability to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives. YCT consists of two separate component – the written and oral evaluations. In preparation for YCT, teachers enhanced their activities which allowed children to develop a deeper understanding of the Chinese language.

Testifying the benefits of the ELFA programme is the achievement of a Kindergarten 2 child named Leanne. When she first started school with ELFA, her Chinese language was not as strong as her peers. Through her constant exposure to the language and encouragement from the ELFA teachers, she overcome the weakness and passed her YCT Level 2. Knowing how far she had come from before, this gave her greater confidence to achieve far and beyond.

ELFA Chinese preschool and the dedicated team of educators will continue to support child’s learning and strive for a better outcome for our children in learning Mandarin.