ELFA Preschool @ Hougang celebrated Father’s Day with a simple celebration to showcase our children’s love for their superheroes in life. Our children practised hard for this day, where they came and sang Father’s Day songs in harmony. Through the song’s simple lyrics, our children learn to express their love and feelings for their fathers. And there are no other better ways to express their appreciation for their father than to create sincere  artwork of love.

Through the activity, our children learn the hardship that their fathers go through in raising them. They learnt to take to heart the simple everyday care and love their father showered them with. The food on their table, the clothes they wear, and even the toys they own – are all the love gestures from their father.

Bearing these thoughts of gratitude in them, the children rushed to present their handmade artwork to their fathers at the end of the day with a warm ‘Happy Father’s Day’ greeting. What an unforgettable day as we witness the smiling eyes of our fathers from behind their masks.

To all the dads in the world – Thank you for being the World’s Best Dad!

Creating a tie artwork for my father – “Doesn’t it look nice on me?”

A medal of love just for my father.

Getting ready to present my father with a medal.

The happy smile on my father’s face.