In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, ELFA Preschool @ Hougang prepared various cultural activities for our children to immerse in learning and enjoy. Our teachers introduced the children to the festival with the traditional story to understand its origin and significance. That brought about the display of actual dumplings for the children to explore with their senses – to feel, smell and observe how it looks. Not missing out on the most significant part of the festival was the dragon boat race. The children got their hands working on different forms of dragon boats and brought colours to the school.

Despite the challenges we face in the uncertainty of COVID-19, ELFA continues find new and innovative ways to share the Chinese culture with our children. ELFA holds firm to the belief that through our story-based approach, it hones our children’s love for the Chinese language better.

Learning about the Dragon Boat festival through stories and pictures.

Taking a shot with our self-made dragon boat made out of recycled boxes.

Using my senses to discover how the rice dumpling feels and smells.

Children across different levels created their dragon boat artwork using different materials.