ELFA Preschool pays close attention in fostering our children’s love and understanding for the Chinese culture. Our children at ELFA are privileged to experience and learned about the fading tradition of tea appreciation during the Mid-Autumn celebration A significant activity in the Chinese culture, our little ones were introduced to various types of tea, and learned to understand and recognise them through smell, touch and vision.

Drinking Chinese Tea brings various health benefits, such as helping one to feel refreshed, aid in food digestion, boost brain power, helps with anti-inflammatory and more. Besides learning of its benefits, our teachers and children don on traditional Chinese clothes, and demonstrated etiquettes of tea art performances to add to the overall cultural learning. Through simple gestures such as inviting guests to have their tea before having their own, it teaches the children to be humble and hospitable – 以客为先.

Below are five simple steps on tea appreciation to try at home!

1.Introduce the name and function of tea set

The Chinese tea set used at ELFA Preschool includes the Fair Cup (for pouring the tea into tea cups), tea cups, tea tureen (for making the tea) and a tea tray.

2. Warm the cup and make the tea

Brew the tea leaves for about 5 minutes

3. Appreciating the aroma and taste of the tea

4. Pour the tea and invite guests to drink together

5. When holding the tea cup:

  • For the gentlemen – Hold the tea cup with both hands, pressing the thumb at the back of the tea cup with the remaining four fingers on the front
  • For the ladies – On the right hand, hold the edge of the cup with your index finger and thumb. On the left hand, place your middle finger on the bottom of cup, drag the bottom of the cup, and gently lift the ring finger and little finger